The Agrea team is helping clients across the globe with their Go projects. Whether you need someone to pitch in for a shorter period or help with delivering a project end-to-end, we’ve got you covered!

We have worked in the industry for long and have experience with a wide range of technologies.

Some examples of things we do:

  • End to end development of projects
  • Code reviews
  • Setting best practices and boosting team productivity
  • Short term help to mitigate resource fluctuation

We mainly work Slack based and with async communication. Our primary target is to achieve high throughput development along with great quality software.

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We provide remote and on-site trainings for Go developers. No matter your previous background. Our courses can be tailored to fit all types of developers. There are two courses for the time being:

  1. Beginning Go
  2. Advanced Go

Both of them can be customized in terms of content and timeline depending on customer needs. But typically they’d span over 1-2 days depending on pace and scope.

Agrea can also arrange talks and deep dives on specific Go topics. Please contact us with your request.

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Agrea is a Go development studio providing professional services around Go. We work with our client on helping them succeed with their Go project.

Our services are primarily divided into two parts; consultancy and training.


Agrea was founded in 2017 by Sebastian Dahlgren. Sebastian wanted to create a Go studio to focus on his passion writing beautiful Go code and evangelizing great development standards.

Sebastian has been in the IT industry for more than a decade working on operations, artificial intelligence, e-commerce, cloud adoption in various roles. Both as an engineer, architect and senior manager. All with the motto; Get sh*t done.


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